Dubbed "Nairobi's coolest gastro-cafes", the Tin Roof eateries offer a peaceful refuge for relaxing and feasting, away from the bustle of this fast-expanding urban setting. The outdoor cafes are open for breakfast and lunch, serving a tempting range of vibrant salads, indulgent toasted sandwiches, juicy burgers, crispy pizzas, and irresistible sweets. Vegans and those on gluten-free diets are also well-served by the menu, and the welcoming staff are always ready to take suggestions if you want to go off-piste. The Tin Roof philosophy focuses on idyllic, eco-friendly environments to relax in. Produce is sourced locally, and the cafes make use of upcycled furniture and recycled takeout boxes to minimise the eco-impact. If you fancy getting away from the generic eateries in the mega-malls of Nairobi, the Tin Roof offers a space to breathe, chill out, and dig into tasty, home-cooked food.
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