Watamu Marine National Park is a carefully protected and managed area which boasts some renowned dive sites. The reef here is conveniently close to shore, which means you can quite easily access the shallow and intricate coral gardens. It's ideal for novice divers and snorkelers. There are some fine drop offs around the outer reef, with ornate brain corals attracting a wealth of fascinating sea life. When diving on the central Turtle Reef, you can expect to see high spiking coral heads which are a magnet for vivid shoals of colorful parrot and surgeon fish. You can even occasionally sight a few white-tip reef sharks that glide amid the watery grandeur. Watamu Marine Park also happens to be a significant egg laying site for the endangered green sea turtle. These beautiful creatures lay their eggs on the beaches at Watamu a number of times a year, and can often be glimpsed around this reef.
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